Want to level up in life but just feel stuck on how to do so?

Life is all about the choices we make. Do we workout or skip it to go drinking with the buddies? Every choice we make has prices and consequences. What I’ve realized is when you have a big enough reason why behind your goal, it makes taking action towards it that much easier. So I’ve decided to put together a list of 50 things you can do that can help you “level up” in life and find yourself. Feel free to apply as many as you’d like to your life or ALL OF THEM.

Want to make leveling up fun? Here’s a great article on how to level up by treating it like a game.

Here is a list of 50 ways you can level up in life and begin taking massive action.

  1. Determine your priorities in life
  2.  Realize your dreams and desires
  3.  Learn to forgive yourself
  4.  Learn to forgive others
  5.  Determine your financial goals
  6.  Determine your desired values
  7.  Discover your personal growth goals
  8.  Determine your strengths
  9.  Recognize your failures
  10.  Learn from your failures
  11.  Learn how you can further my career
  12.  Celebrate your successes
  13. Discover what makes you happy
  14. Create a bucket list
  15. Recite positive affirmations
  16. Cook a meal for yourself
  17. Realize your limiting beliefs about money
  18. Determine where you’d like to travel to/visit
  19. Establish your boundaries with others
  20. Setup your environment for success
  21. Develop a solid morning routine
  22. Find your gratitude
  23. Create a masterpiece
  24. Learn from your weaknesses
  25. Determine your “why”
  26. Recognize your current philosophy
  27. Organize your life
  28. Build your tribe
  29. Determine what you will sacrifice for your goals
  30. Find a place in nature
  31.  Treat yourself to something amazing
  32.  Visualize who you want to be in 5 years
  33.  Determine your purpose in life
  34.  Describe your intention for the day
  35.  Brainstorm 10 new ideas
  36.  Help someone in need
  37.  Define my confidence
  38.  Believe in yourself
  39.  Illuminate all criticism
  40.  Create an empowered beliefs list
  41.  Disconnect from thought (meditate)
  42.  Align your purpose with your vision
  43.  Align your priorities with your goals and values
  44.  Find an accountability partner
  45.  Write down your career action plan
  46.  Write down your financial action plan
  47.  Visualize your new self
  48.  Plan out your written contract
  49.  Create your written contract
  50.  Commit to success

There you have it. 50 Ways to Level Up in your life. Which item is your favorite? Mine is aligning my purpose with my vision. Comment your favorite below!


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