Goal achievement is so gratifying, but very difficult.

There are many obstacles you can face daily that can delay you from achieving your goals. Things happen in life and sometimes that can put a HAULT towards achievement. Sometimes life can knock you down so hard, just getting to your knees is difficult.

There are other times when habits are easier to obtain and life just seems to work out right. These times are great. Your focused, motivated and ready to win the day, week and year. But what about the bad habits we do that really begin derailing our progress towards our goal?

These bad habits is what I’d like to discuss today.

I have came up with 8 bad habits people do that delay goal achievement and how to stop them. By the end of this post, I want you to feel ready to kick these bad habits in the butt and have the inspiration to achieve all goals on your list.

Here’s an overview of what I’ll be covering today:

  1. Caring About What Other People Think
  2. Being Lazy
  3. Saying “Yes” to Everything
  4. Neglecting Your Mental Health
  5. Sleeping In
  6. Neglecting Your Physical Health
  7. Not Defining Your “Why”
  8. Comparing Yourself to Others

Let’s get started, shall we?

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1. Caring About What Other People Think

How can I not care about what other people think?

When it comes to family dynamics and societal pressures, it can be difficult to not fall victim to caring what others think about what we do with our lives.

You might think that the opinion your parents have over what you do for a living is important. In reality, if you want to live an authentic life being absolutely true to yourself, these opinions can’t have an affect on what you do with your life. At the end of the day, your the BOSS of your own life and only your opinion of you matters! 🙂

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2. Being Lazy

Who the heck likes to admit when their being lazy?

The sooner you are able to admit to YOURSELF that you are in fact being lazy, the sooner you’ll be able to correct it and become a more focused and productive person. I know when I feel my absolute best is when I’m getting things done and achieving my goals.

It’s all about the progress.

You know that moment after you’ve binge watched a full episode on Netflix and realize you didn’t even like the show to begin with? You get off the couch in a sluggish fashion probably right over to the fridge or pantry to indulge in more unproductivity. But it doesn’t have use feeling our best.

Want to learn how to get unlazy?

Set manageable goals and don’t expect yourself to be perfect. Create a workable plan of action you can weave into your schedule and have a commitment to that schedule. Now THAT is self love right there!

To change the habit of laziness, find passion in a project or activity that can give you energy.

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3. Saying “Yes” to Everything

Growing up, I was considered a people-pleaser. I felt that if I said no, I would be letting someone down and felt obligated to meet the demands of my friends and other toxic family members. 

So, instead of disappointing anyone…I said yes. Which means I never left time for myself. I realized me saying yes to everyone else, I was saying no to myself and my needs.

I learned that someone who says “yes” a lot will attract a fair number of liars, cheaters, and manipulators looking to use for their gain.

And if you continue to say yes, you’ll start to notice how joyless your life can become filled of serving everyone else but yourself. Here’s the thing though: The world deserves you at your best and in order for that to happen, you must work on yourself. 

This takes time. Time for yourself and your desires. 

Say no to anything that doesn’t align with your current goals and values. It can be quite a challenge, but the after effects will be enormous gains of self awareness and overall joy inside.

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4. Neglecting Your Mental Health

Another bad habit  that can really derail progress towards your goal is neglecting your mental health.

  • I’m sad most of the time but I’m too busy to fix myself right now. 
  • I’m just not happy with myself inside but most people aren’t happy so it’s okay. 
  • I get angry very quickly if something doesn’t go my way but I’m fine.

The excuses are real!

But if you aren’t feeling okay inside, chances are you will create a life that is simply not okay either. It is totally freeing to realize that things actually can get better for me. I can actually feel okay with myself and my world.

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5. Sleeping In

Another bad habit that can challenge your goals is sleeping in too much. Sure the bed is so comfy and so is snuggling up with your dog or lover, but the world needs you!

Regularly oversleeping may have a negative impact on your health. Some complications may include:

  • headaches
  • back pain
  • depression
  • heart disease
  • increased risk of death
  • diabetes

Not only can oversleeping cause health issues, it’s also not a way you stay productive and achieve your goals. That time sleeping could have been used for physical exercise, working on your mental health, or working on an important task.

Sleeping too much will not help you to achieve your goals. Your goals are important to you so commit to sleeping a normal amount of hours and wake up at your set time everyday. When you commit to yourself and your schedule in this way, you will be able to pat yourself on the back for all you were able to achieve with this extra time.

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6. Neglecting Your Physical Health

Staying physically active is critical but hard during these times.

It’s easy to become a couch potato, spending hours in front of the TV watching your favorite programs or movies. Of course, the temptation is to eat too many unhealthy snacks or have one too many beers or wines at the same time. I’m sure you’ve heard that keeping up with your physical health will have great affects to your overall wellbeing.

That’s why establishing a good exercise routine is so important.

What are some ways to bring physical exercise into your routine?

taking a walk around the block is a good way to get some fresh air and you’re bound to meet some of your neighbours doing the same thing.

If the weather’s poor or you simply don’t feel like going out, you can do your exercise at home.

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7. Not defining Your “Why”

Another problem that might be delaying you achieving your goals is they why behind it. Why do you want to achieve the goal you’re after? Why is it important to you?

You’re why is what sets you apart from everyone else.

You’re why is where your inspiration kicks in and get you to take action.

  • What is your why?
  • What is your cause?
  • What do you believe?

An example of the company Apples’ why: We believe sin challenging the status quo and doing this differently.

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8. Comparing Yourself to Others

Another bad habit that can halt your goals is comparing yourself to others. You might be comparing yourself to someone who plays a good acting role when he or she is out in public.

Inside this person might be feeling all sorts of insecurities and treating the people he or she loves like crap behind the scenes.

You might have been comparing yourself to someone who actually hates themselves and others.

“…But look at how much success they have… I could never achieve that kind of success…”

“…She has the most perfect body and facial structure, I look like a sack of potatoes standing next to her…”

Don’t even get me started on HOW HARD this habit is to STOP DOING!

Social Media doesn’t help either.

In fact, when people start to compare themselves to what they are seeing on social media, they can find themselves trying to meet unrealistic expectations. This can lead to increased self-doubt, body image insecurity, feelings of anxiety and an overall lowered self-esteem.

I can tell you though the more you realize how special you are, the more you will realize how little what others “appear to be” even matters. You are uniquely you, and that is special.


Even if you perform all these bad habits currently, there is still hope for you.

Even if you’re used to spending weeks dwelling, days procrastinating, and hours in confusion.

Even if you hate the process of goal setting.

You can create a powerful schedule that fills your day with consistent action towards your goal.

I’m proof that it doesn’t require any form of ridiculously great talent or skill set. What it takes is believing in yourself and your system that you will achieve the goals your after in your life.

What are some bad habits you’ve overcame in your life? Do you have any tips and tricks that helped you overcome them that you can share with others?


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