Limiting Beliefs can only hold you back if you let them…

I just don’t have the time right now…

But I’m just not good enough yet…


I don’t want to scare you. I want to help you not waste “too much time” on the same limiting beliefs that held me back for YEARS. It wasn’t until I realized I needed a mindset shift to really get the momentum going. Though some of you may only be suffering from 1 to 2  limiting beliefs, I have come up with 26 limiting beliefs that delayed my progress at some point and what the opposite empowered belief looks like.

26 Limiting Beliefs that Hold People Back & How to Switch them into Empowered Beliefs

Before we dive right in, let’s discuss exactly what a limiting belief is. 

Limiting Beliefs: false beliefs that prevent us from pursuing our goals and desires

Sometimes even the important things in our life like our relationships and the networks of people we surround ourselves with, we don’t spend much time consciously thinking about them. Many people go through life with a set of unconscious beliefs and biases about networks and relationships that don’t drive the outcomes they really want. Our well being, relationships and community can have a huge impact on the behaviors we make because of these unconscious beliefs.

In this article, I dive into 26 limiting beliefs I personally struggled with on my journey as an entrepreneur and frankly, in life in general and how I was able to transition my mindset to take more action in my life and business. These 26 unhelpful beliefs about life can be difficult to overcome, which is why I offer an alternative perspective for each which will help you live a more fulfilled life.


Self Limiting Belief Examples:

I’m so “out of place” VS. I’m always in the right place at the right time.

I’m not skilled enough… VS. I am skilled enough and will learn what I don’t already know.

I’m not pretty/handsome enough… VS.  I am perfect exactly how I am.

I don’t have the right credentials… VS. I a wise enough to take the courses I need to achieve my goals.

I don’t have the time… VS. I make the time to work on myself and my future.

I’m too young or old… VS. I am the perfect age to achieve my dreams.

I’m so unlucky… VS. Luck always finds me.

Limiting Beliefs about Money Examples:

Rich people are greedy… VS. Rich people are able to contribute to society

You have to have more time to make money… VS. Time doesn’t equal money; all you have to do is decide to make more money.

There aren’t any opportunities in my town/city… VS. Opportunities always find me, wherever I’m at

I’m bad with money… VS. I’m great with money and money always comes to me

I will never make enough money… VS.  I will always have an abundance of money

My family has never had a lot of money… VS.  My family deserves to have a lot of money

I’m not qualified enough to make a large amount of money… VS. The day I decided to make a large amount of money was the day I became qualified for it.

I don’t deserve to be rich… VS. I deserve to be rich because I do great things for the world with my wealth

Limiting Beliefs around Business/Career Examples

The economy is terrible, there is no hope… VS. There are opportunities even in bad economic times

I’m not good at sales/marketing etc. VS. I am a natural born sales/marketing person because I am passionate about the product or service I am selling.

I’m not qualified enough… VS. I am already qualified through my work and progress and will continue getting better

I’m a women and a mom, I can’t possibly raise money for my start-up VS. I am super mom and the perfect investor for me will help me reach my vision

Limiting Beliefs in Relationships Examples:

All good men/women are  already taken… VS. There are plenty of good men/women out there and my perfect person is out there for me

I’m not good enough to be loved… VS. I am love, I give love and am loved in return

Love hurts too bad… I don’t want to hurt again… VS. Love is beautiful. Loving the right person for me is ultimate joy

I will never find my person… VS.  My right person is out there for me

All men/women are *cheaters *liars *drama VS. Some, not all, men/women have problematic behavior, which is a red flag. that I will be aware of prior to investing my time and energy into my next relationship

I’m too much for someone… VS. I’m perfect exactly how I am and I will attract the person perfect for me and my personality

Maybe I’m just meant to be alone in this world… VS. I value my alone time but I also value being around others. I am meant to find the person meant for me in this world


What’s one limiting belief you feel is holding you back in life?

If that is too difficult a question to grasp, try this…

Take out your journal and write what comes to mind with the following question: Why is it not possible for me to achieve my dreams? Let your words flow freely here. You will be surprised at all the limiting beliefs that come rolling out when the truth is, those have been lies all along.

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