Your Worst Nightmare About Goal Setting…

+ How to change your focus and achieve more goals

Imagine a world where everyone, I mean everyone, gave up on their goals. We’d be without a lot of really great stuff. That would be pretty scary if you ask me. 

But what if I told you that goal setting can become your worst nightmare if done the wrong way?  

What could possibly be anyone’s worst nightmare about goal setting? Goal setting is a good thing… isn’t it? This has got to be some kind of mistake. From what I can tell, individuals who have goals achieve more in their life because they have a target. And though that might be true, focusing too much attention on the goal can lead to discouragement and frustration. 

But don’t just take my word on it, let’s break it down as to why this is the case. 

  1. A goal is Always in the Future
  2. If your Actions aren’t a Habit, Good Luck
  3. Having Passion and a Why Behind Your Goals

A goal is Always in the Future

P1: The first reason why goal setting is your worst nightmare is because a goal is always something in the future. A person can never have “a goal” in the present moment. If you think about it, someone sets a goal to have 200K in their bank account in 1 year time. They go to check their current bank account and find frustration when there’s only 1,400 bucks in it. So when someone focuses on the goal, their focusing on the result which they don’t have yet.

Try this instead: Instead of focusing your energy on the goal, do this instead:

A) Write down the goal

B) Release it and let it go

C) Now focus on the “type of person” who achieves the goal written above

D) When you begin taking action, the belief and strength will strengthen and soon you’ll become that type of person.

E) Achieve the goal 🙂

If your Actions aren’t a Habit, Good Luck

The next reason why goal setting can be your worst nightmare is because unless a routine is in place, the body can have a difficult time performing the actions.  Some may call it a routine, others may call it a system or habit, which is the consistent action you take to reach your specific goal. The goal is to develop the habit of performing this action on a consistent basis which leads to achieving the goal in a specific time frame. 

Here’s an example of that: 

Your goal is to write a book. Your routine or system is to write daily.  

Focus on the schedule and routine that gives you the ability to be accountable for taking the necessary action.

Still having trouble?

Try rewarding yourself after performing a certain number of actions. For example, after I complete 5 workouts this week, I will reward myself with a bubble bath. Make sure the reward is something you’d truly enjoy(but not counterproductive to your goal).

Having Passion and a Why Behind Your Goals

A goal can be really hard to stick to especially when you’re not passionate about it. You have to really want the goal and have a lot of reasons why your life will be better if you achieve this specific goal. If the passion isn’t behind your goal, it can be a struggle to stick with it. Give yourself the time to really think of the reasons why you’d like to achieve this goal. Is it really for you or for someone else?

Figuring these things out can help you see if you are after the right goal in the first place. You may come to find out why it has been so difficult to take the action because the goal wasn’t even for you in the first place.

SELF AWARENESS: Begin to pay attention to the actions and thoughts that affect my daily choices.

The more self aware your able to become, the easier it will be to know you are after the right goal and vision for your life.

That’s a Wrap

Well, that’s all I have for you today. If goal setting has been a nightmare for you and your ready to change your focus to the actions, you are on your way to achieving more goals with less frustration.

Here’s a brief summary:

  1. A goal is Always in the Future
  2. If your Actions aren’t a Habit, Good Luck
  3. Having Passion and a Why Behind Your Goals

Until next time! Go crush them goals 🙂


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